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A fiction about end times.

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Mark your maps with Lake Stampede off highway 80 in California, just east of Truckee. There will be those that wake up and seek to be baptized into the truth and wash away false affiliations.

Welcome to my Website!

I present a non-denominational perspective through commentary and fiction literature.

In this website you will learn how to discern what is being presented to you as biblical truth. Every church is claiming to present you with truth. Their content is easy to digest if you are a member of their group. That becomes a synergy that is both hard to break free of, and even more difficult to dispute with. Since not all churches can be right, it is up to you to discern what it real and what is some organization's business plan. There is a difference.

What's inside?

There is a ton of information and resources that I would like to share and make available to you. There are several resources that express what I have learned, and that contain details to topics I feel are important for others to grasp. To support my suppositions I have a diagram, slideshow, commentaries, fiction, and a group of questions and answers with biblical documentation. I liken this website to my homework in that it is in a constant state of revision in an effort is to simplify the explanations, and to provide clear and accurate documentation. This may be homework but it’s a life work.

Here is a single picture that summarizes the context implied throughout the rest of this website:

The Big Picture

Here is a timeline based slideshow that touches on the primary tenets in this website:

Cut 2 Chase

The Reality section contains commentaries that explain where reality meets scripture. Here is the latest updated commentary:


The Fiction section gives an overview of my latest effort, which is a novel about a group of people who leave Napa Valley for the mountains after UFO’s contact earth claiming to usher in the second coming of Christ:

Wine Thief

What I write will raise questions. The Questions section is organized in a color coded ranking according to how relevant the question is toward end time events. Primarily because the fulfillment of what is written for our time is where the differences of the denominations become incredibly important: